Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee was an outstanding martial artist, actor, filmmaker, philosopher and writer of Chinese origin, recognized worldwide for his enormous charisma and being a great exponent of martial arts.
Sifu Lee devoted his life to seek perfection and truth, coming to create his own method of combat on Jun Fan Gung-Fu, which later and joined his philosophical concept became Jeet Kune Do.
One of the things that has marked us of Sifu Lee figure, is his philosophy, his central idea of ​​not limit, Sifu Lee thought: "If you think something is impossible, you will make it impossible", which defeats us are our limitations, allowing us to achieve victory is not give up and believe in ourselves, cultivate discipline, keep an open mind to learn new things and strive to achieve our goals.
Sifu Lee's Jeet Kune Do, rather than a system is a combat philosophy alive, evolving in, its main features is the flexibility and adaptability, without fixed positions, without predefined times. Jeet Kune Do is a way to express with the body.

Bruce Lee

Dan Inosanto

Dan Inosanto is an American martial artist of Filipino descent, known worldwide for his mastery in the martial art of Filipino Escrima and in various styles of traditional, exotic, and modern martial arts.
He is one of the three legal heirs which was allowed by Bruce Lee to teach Jeet Kune Do (with Taky Kimura and with James Lee).
Much of the concepts of Kali and weapons come from research that developed Dan Inosanto, Sifu Inosanto throughout his life has remained true to the original philosophy of Jeet Kune Do and has done a lot of research to bring new elements enrich the art.
Sifu Inosanto motivates us to develop confidence in ourselves. According to him, "No one knows whether his art (martial) will save you, but we must trust that it will," and to do this we must train and go beyond our limits.

Dan Inosanto

Héctor Solis
Héctor Solis

Hector Solis has founded "CKS - Martial Arts International" based in California, USA. It has different schools in Mexico and Chile.
CKS is the result of research that Sifu Solis has done throughout his life, within their influence can find the Filipino martial arts, Jeet Kune Do, Karate Shorin-Ryo, Panantukan, Savate and weapons.
Sifu Solis is a senior instructor in PFS given by Paul Vunak (currently unaffiliated), affiliated instructor MARS under Ron Balicki, is also the representative of "Jeet Kune Do Athletic Association" for Latin America, is now also "Apprentice Instuctor" under Sifu Dan Inosanto.
For Sifu Solis, the very nature of the fighting is dynamic and the result depends on how we can take advantage of circumstances and take advantage of our technique. It is our main influence and mentor of our group.

Francisco Vásquez
Francisco Vásquez

Francisco Vasquez is instructor in martial arts of Southeast Asia and Jun Fan Martial Arts (Jeet Kune Do) holds different degrees in these arts with various instructors recognized worldwide, but most important is his work next to Sifu Hector Solis who works for some years at CKS International.
His training has been mostly in the United States, where instructor has given seminars as well as in Mexico. He specializes in Self Preservation, Force Continuum, Edge Weapons, R.A.T. Escape to Gain Safety, and works as Instructor Sifu Harinder Singh in Damini Project. It is Guro Dan Inosanto student, Sifu Ron Balicki and Guro Daniel Sullivan.
He has collaborated with articles in magazines themselves in Mexico and the United States and managed other for the magazine Black Belt in Spain.
Their support has been vital in the growth of our group, his observations and advice premit us improve and advance the way of martial arts, we have a deep respect and admiration.

Nuestro Grupo

We are a very cohesive group that trained Jeet Kune Do and Kali for freedom that give us these arts, it doesn't limit us and allow us to absorb whatever is necessary for us to adapt the art to our needs and capabilities.
The person who has taken the role of leading our group is John Burgos, who began his career in martial arts at age 10 when venturing into the art of Taekwondo reaching grade green belt, then takes a couple of years later training Wushu, Choi Lee fut and Sanda, later leave those arts and began training Aikido. In 2010 he meets Jeet Kune Do and Kali, following the teachings of Professor Ivan Ortega of Kwoon Puma Guerrero, who gets the degree of instructor in 2015.
In 2015 he joined CKS international training under Sifu Hector Solis, and in 2016 get the degree of "Apprentice Instuctor" under CKS international.

Our Group